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Enid Capron’s Akia Guerrier is Tourist Board Essay winner

Akia Guerrier (centre) is all smiles after being named the winner of the Tourist Board Grade Five Essay competition. Second place was Ketani Marajah (left) of Precious Treasures and Raymond Campbell of Wesley Methodist. Sharing in the moment are Ralph Higgs, Acting Director of Tourism and Blythe Clare, Tourism Training Manager.
By Vivian Tyson - SUN Senior Editor

Akia Guerrier of Enid Capron Primary copped the inaugural Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board Grade Five Essay competition, winning for herself a net book laptop computer for what was described as an outstanding piece of script.
    “I am very happy, and I feel very excited because I was never expecting to win this little notebook, but now that I have I am very excited. I thought I was going to place second or third, but I am first, so this is my time to shine,” said a polite Akia.
    Akia said while she received support from her teachers and parents, the essay was penned by her following grueling research on the topic.
    A brainchild of Blythe Clare, the Tourist Board’s Training Manager, the Grade Five Essay Competition attracted a number of Primary schools across the Turks and Caicos Islands, and saw Ketani Marajah of Precious taking second spot and Raymond Campbell of Wesley Methodist taking the third spot.
    Clare said her decision to initiate such a contest emanated from the consideration that for the past two years, the Turks and Caicos Islands, which was an active participant in the Condé Nast Essay competition, had not done so in the past two years, denying students the right to expose their writing skills.
    “We have an ongoing tourism awareness programme for the entire year, and during the month of April, I launched the Grade Five Essay Competition. The reason for it is that, we have been participating in the Condé Nast  International Competition, but we have not participated for the last two years.
“So, I decided to go back where we started out when we launched the Condé Nast Essay Competition. And decided that for the month of April going on to May, my department, which is the Training Unit, would launch the Grade Five Essay Competition,” Clare said, pointing out that the exclusion of grade six students from the competition was due to them sitting their GSAT examinations.
The theme for the minimum 250-word essay was: “Tourism through the Eyes of the Child.” Clare said dozens of entries were submitted, and she was extremely pleased with the level of research and writing of the essays, saying that they were excellent and that, while Akia was a clear-cut winner, there was tight competition among the lower tier places.
“We didn’t have a tie for first place, luckily – first place was a clear-cut winner – but we had ties for second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place winners,” Clare said.
Acting Director of Tourism, Ralph Higgs, who addressed the awards event held at the Tourist Board’s Office at the Stubb’s Diamond Plaza, encouraged the students to pursue tourism as a career goal, since it is one of the largest industries in the world and the carries exciting career opportunities.
Posted July 19 2010

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